Mayor Allan Sterbinsky – Ex Officio

Mayor of Stanton, TN

Dr. Allan Sterbinsky is the Mayor of Stanton, TN, a small town located in West Tennessee near the proposed Memphis Regional Megasite. During his tenure, Stanton has been awarded over $4.7 million in grants, which have been used to provide new housing for low-income residents, reduce flooding in town, and prepare Stanton for upcoming growth via the Megasite. To encourage healthy behaviors in town, he has planted The Stanton Orchard and Walking Trail where any Stanton resident can pick fruit for free. Stanton also subsidizes The Stanton Clinic, where low-income residents from surrounding counties can receive quality healthcare at low cost. Mayor Sterbinsky’s vision extends to all of Haywood County. He obtained a grant to provide free math tutoring for all Haywood County students (via a popular online artificial intelligence progam). He obtained a workforce development grant (in conjunction with the Haywood County Mayor and Brownsville Mayor). With this grant, all residents of Haywood County can receive free online training and testing to earn a Career Ready Certificate (via ACT). Mayor Sterbinsky has also received a grant to build The Stanton Call Center, which will train residents of Haywood County to work as call center agents for major corporations in the United States. Before becoming Mayor, Dr. Sterbinsky taught and conducted research at Vanderbilt University and The University of Memphis, as well as conducting research for Jackson-Madison County Schools. He is currently an on-call researcher for The Johns Hopkins University. He has published over 100 journal articles and reports, presented research findings across the United States and in Europe. His work was cited by Secretary of State Madeline Albright to set policy for the United States.