In Haywood County Schools, we strive to know every student by name, strength, and need. Our main purpose as a district is to prepare our students for post secondary success.

Under the direction of Superintendent, we are working on all grade levels to ensure our students are supported academically, but also on a social-emotional level. We recognize that our students are developing in all aspects of their lives and that learning occurs both in and out of the curriculum.

We are proud of our very capable staff, and we also take pride in the innovative programs we have implemented in our schools. From Pre-K at Anderson through high school, educators in Haywood County offer students a well-rounded educational experience. Students at Haywood High School earn hundreds of thousands of scholarship dollars each year as well as have multiple pathways for learning that enable them to have various options for post-secondary success.

As a school system, we are focused on four priority areas as we continue to move our students toward their educational goals:

  • Ensure every student reads well by the third grade.
  • Support each student to develop personal voice, agency, leadership, and soft skills.
  • Give all students opportunities to engage in experiential learning that is focused on career exploration and aligned with the academic curriculum.
  • Offer all students the option to pursue accelerated pathways that can culminate in a fulfilling career.

Haywood County Schools are:

  • Anderson Early Childhood Center – Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Haywood Elementary School – First Grade and Second Grades
  • East Side Intermediate School – Third and Fourth Grades
  • Sunny Hill Intermediate School – Fifth and Sixth Grades
  • Haywood Middle School – Seventh and Eighth Grades
  • Haywood High School – Ninth through Twelfth Grades
  • Haywood County Virtual Academy – Kindergarten through Eighth Grades
  • Student Options Academy – Ninth through Twelfth Grades

Haywood County School Board Members are:

Greg Vanstory, Betsy Reid, Gem Bell, Olivia Farrington, and Allen Currie.

In our early grades, we focus heavily on teaching students the basic skills of reading. To supplement that learning, we have partnered with Instruction Partners to implement The Reader/Writer Project. This innovative approach to intervention allows teachers to meet students where students are in their personal learning journey and move them forward in order to be successful readers as they progress through each grade.

As students move into secondary education, middle school students begin to explore post secondary and career options by taking the YouScience assessment. This assessment gauges students’ interest and aptitude and allows the student to begin to plot a course for their future.

When students enter high school, a plethora of dual credit options await them – from multiple Career/Technical Pathways to Early College High to Advanced Placement courses. Each of these programs allow students to have multiple options for continued success beyond high school.

In Haywood County Schools, our equity commitment guides everything we do. We will commit to knowing every student by name, strength, and need so that they graduate for the future they choose. We will commit to know our students and their families deeply, honoring their cultures and identities, ensuring materials and instruction are culturally relevant, and being willing to engage with students, families, and the community. We strive to constantly ensure that every adult and child in our community is safe, seen, respected, and valued.

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