Regional Planning Commission Meeting Agenda
November 9, 2023 @ 6:00 PM
Alan King Justice Complex – Court Room

I. Call to Order / Determination of a Quorum

II. Approval of the Minutes

III. Public Comment – Anyone wishing to address the commission may do
so at this time. Speakers must sign in, come forward when called, state
their name, and address, and limit their address to 2 minutes.

IV. Old Business

A. Discussion – Establish New Zoning District
B. Discussion – Amending Other Zoning Provisions
C. Any other properly presented old business.

V. New Business

A. Land Conservancy Presentation – TennGreen
B. Rezoning Request – Randall Taylor – FAR to R-MH
C. Rezoning Request – Thomas & Beverly Martin – FAR to R-MH
D. Rezoning Request – Nadine Oliver – C to FAR
E. Any other properly presented new business.

VI. Building Official’s Report

A. Slum Clearance, Administrative Reviews, Building Permits

VII. Other Business

VIII. Adjournment