Haywood County Rules Committee
Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 6PM – 7PM
County Courthouse Conference Room

Meeting Agenda:
1) Call to Order & Determination of Quorum
2) Approval of Minutes – Previous Meeting Nov 15, 2022
3) Education Maintenance of Effort – Information & Discussion
4) Old Business – Follow-up Status

  • a) Proposed new rule to require that actively serving commissioners
    indebted to the county repay the amount owed, with any unpaid
    amounts deducted from county payroll until the debt is satisfied –
    referred to County Attorney
    b) Roll call requirement for appropriations and commissioner salary
    increases – email sent to CTAS
    c) Role and rotation of committees; nomination process, term of
    office – email to CTAS & member research peer counties
    d) Other

5) New Items Referred–

  • a) Mayoral appointments to Planning Commission – TCA 13-3-101(i); Appointments in General – CTAS-216
    b) Documentation of appointments & terms – identify source(s)
    c) Bringing resolutions forward

6) Other –

  • a) New county website – HaywoodTN.gov
    b) Mark-up of manual

7) Summarize Actions/Next Steps
8) Adjournment – Set Next Meeting