A public hearing on January 17, 2023 at 5:30pm in the Haywood County Justice
Building. The intent of the hearings is to receive public input on the following proposed amendment to the
Haywood County Zoning Resolution.

• Remove Travel Trailer Parks as a Use Permitted on Appeal in FAR districts.
• Move Travel Trailer Parks as permitted by right use in the R-MH (Residential-Mobile Home) districts only.
• Establish a maximum density for Travel Trailer Parks is 7.6 units per acre.
• Require all R-MH sites to locate at the intersections of Collector/Collecter intersections or Arterial/Collector intersections or Arterial/Arterial intersections.
• Require a traffic study to establish or expand all R-MH developments with 25 or more slots.
• Require a school impact study to establish or expand R-MH developments of 50 or more slots.
• Established mobile home parks may allow for up to 30% of their pad sites for travel trailers.

A copy of this resolution may be viewed in the office of the Haywood County Mayor’s
Office or the Building Inspector’s Office during normal business hours. All interested persons are invited to attend and comment.