Please take notice that 1, David M. Livingston, County Mayor of Haywood County, Tennessee, hereby announce and gives notice to the Public and Members of the Haywood County Commission of the Called Meeting of the Haywood Commission on May 13, 2024, at 6:30 P. M. immediately following the Budget Committee Meeting at the Allen King Justice Complex located at 100 South Dupree, Brownsville, Tennessee. The County Commission Meeting shall start immediately following the Budget Committee which begins at 5:00.

Please take notice, that all participation shall be live and in person with no electronic participation allowed. The Public is invited to attend both meetings and public shall be allowed to participate and speak in the Public Comment Section.

Please further take notice that the Call Meeting shall be exclusively for the business stated in the attached agenda which is incorporated herein, to wit:

A. The funding of the improvements at the Haywood County Schools regarding the Proposed Safety Plan.
B. Confirmation of William Daniel Feathers as the Haywood County Fire Chief.
C. The Creation of the Haywood County Fire Department
D. Granting unto the Haywood County Fire Chief and the Emergency Services Director the authority to negotiate with the City of Brownsville, Town of Stanton, and the Volunteer Fire Departments an agreements regarding Emergency Services subject to the approval of said agreements by the Haywood County Commission.
E. Budget Amendments associated therewith and otherwise.

This is the only business to be discussed and action taken thereon by the Commission contained in the agenda incorporated herein by reference and published by posting the same as required by law, posting on the Haywood County Web Site, and distributed to the Commissioners herewith.