Tuesday Jan 3, 2023, 6:15PM-7:PM, Historic Haywood Courthouse, Conference Room.

Haywood County Local Government Rules Committee
Tuesday, January 3, 2023, 6:15PM – 7:15PM
County Courthouse Conference Room
Committee Members 2022-2023
Sharon Hayes (Chair) ! Dell Phillips (Vice Chair)
Jim Duke !Chris Richards ! Mary Ann Sharpe

Meeting Agenda:
1) Call to Order & Determination of Quorum

2) Approval of Minutes – Previous Meeting Nov 15, 2022 (Dec canceled)

3) New Item – Interlocal agreement for county fire protection services &
facilities; exploration of potential alternatives for service delivery.

4) Updates and Follow-up on Previous Topics—

a) Roll call requirement for appropriations and commission salary increases –
email confirmation from CTAS County Consultant Kelsey Schweitzer,
reported to Commission 12-19-2022
b) Capital Budget Process – capital projects should be budgeted – email
confirmation by CTAS Consultant Kelsey Schweitzer, reported to
Commission 12-19-2022
c) Proposed rule to require that actively serving commissioners indebted to
the county repay amount owed, with any unpaid amounts deducted from
county payroll until debt is satisfied –Sharpe, referred to County Attorney
d) Role and rotation of committees; nomination process, term of office –
email to CTAS & member research peer counties; in progress
e) Order of Commission Business-Closing Agenda & Recognitions &
Awards; Email to Mayor & Noted in October Commission Meeting

5) Items Deferred to Future Meetings—

a) Mayoral appointments to Planning Commission – TCA 13-3-101(i);
Appointments in General – CTAS-216
b) Education Maintenance of Effort – Information & Discussion – Larry
Livingston CFO Haywood County Schools
c) Documentation of appointments & terms – identify source(s)
d) Bringing resolutions forward
e) County Finance/Budget Laws – Haywood under General Law-2016;
Consider option of 1981Act as referred by Mayor

6) Other Information–

a) Compensation of Rules Committee Members – Reported to County
Commission 12-19-2022; Budget Amendment next
b) Rules Online access – new Google Folder Link (no longer on website)
c) Mark-up of manual in process

7) Summarize Actions/Next Steps All

8) Adjournment – Set Next Meeting