Haywood County Local Government/Rules Committee (LGC)
Tuesday, June 11 2024, 4:00PM
Justice Center Conference Room

Meeting Agenda:
1) Call to Order – Determination of Quorum – Welcome

2) Approval of Minutes – Previous Meeting 4-9-2024 attached

3) Public Comments on Agenda Topics Maximum three speakers/two minutes each

4) Human Resources Position

a. Resolution and Budget Approved
b. Organize HR Committee Start-up Meeting
c. Nominate County Commissioner Appointment on HR Committee

5) Positions/Staffing – Referrals to Local Government

a. Museums Docents & Archives Manager – draft job description – input Historic, Dunbar-Carver,PRC Boards
b. County Plan
ner – JECDB Recommended 2-20-2024 – draft position description handout

6) Proposed Commission Board Room – Task Force to Work with A2H Designer –

a. Contacted Pat Harcourt with A2H – process; input recommendations

7) Status Updates & Progress Reports

a. Study of Financial Operations & Processes – Follow-up with CTAS Consultant Kelsey
Schweitzer after budget is completed
b. Public Records Commission – start-up progress; archives budget needed
c. Dyersburg State Community College – JECDB Education Committee; start-up
d. Comptroller Audit Report Released 3-1-2024 – Audit Committee met May 29
e. Other

8) Adjournment – Next Meeting