Haywood County Local Government/Rules Committee (LGC) meeting Tuesday, March 12 2024, 4:00PM
Criminal Justice Center Conference Room

Meeting Agenda:
1) Call to Order – Determination of Quorum – Welcome

2) Approval of Minutes – Previous Meeting 2-13-2024 attached

3) Public Comments on Agenda Topics Maximum three speakers/two minutes each

4) Human Resources Resolution – DRAFT attached

a. Final Review; Request for CTAS Input attached email
b. Submit to Budget Committee and County Commission

5) Public Records Commission Resolution

a. Adopted by County Commission 2-19-2024 attached
b. Start-up Recommendations

6) Follow-up from LGC 11-14-2023 – Structure for Financial Operations & Processes
CTAS Consultant Kelsey Schweitzer to advise on study – Schedule Date(s)

7) Referrals to LGC for Future Review

a. Museum Curators – Budget Committee Minutes 1-8-2024
b. County Planning Position – JECDB Discussion 2-20-2024

8) Information & Announcements

a. Dyersburg State Community College Update – JECDB Education Committee
b. Comptroller Audit Report Release – Commissioner Training Compliance
c. Pending State Legislation on Local Government – TN County Commissioners Association
d. Other

9) Adjournment – Next Meeting April 9