Historic Properties

Members of the Brownsville-Haywood County Historical Society took as their project in 1979 to have a portion of the city designated as a State Historic District. Known as the College Hill Historic District, it includes 83 buildings, one vacant lot and one cemetery, of which 75 buildings and the cemetery contribute to the significance of the district.

The architectural character and significance of buildings surrounding the area well-define the boundaries of this historical district. Greek Revival is the most frequently visible style of architecture.

One of the Brownsville-Haywood County Historical Society’s continuing missions, in conjunction with the city and county, is placing plaques and monuments throughout the community to mark significant historical events.

Haywood Heritage Foundation

Haywood Heritage will work to preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of Brownsville & Haywood County, foster economic revitalization of historic districts and traditional neighborhoods and promote education, awareness and best practices for preserving historic assets.  Haywood Heritage is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. They host an annual tour of homes that features several unique historic homes and properties. Visit their websiste to read more about Brownsville’s historic properties: https://www.haywoodheritage.org/local-historic-places