The Haywood County Commission will meet in regular session on January 17, 2023 at 6:00 PM.


1. Call to Order
2. Calling of the Roll
3. Prayer: Commissoner Jameson
4. Pledge of Allegiance: Commissioner Stanley
5. Recognition of Visitors
6. Certificate of Appreciation
7. Approval of Minutes

8. Reports of Officials

A. County Mayor
B. County Trustee
C. Board of Education
D. Highway Department

9. Report of Standing Committees

A. Education: Commissioner Eubanks
B. Solid Waste: Commissioner Stanley
C. Public Safety: Commission O’Quinn
D. Budget: Commissioner Richmond
E. Local Government: Commissioner Hayes

10. New Business: (Consider passage of the following)

A. Motion to close Agenda
B. Resolution Emergency Management
C. Resolution regarding recommended changes to zoning restrictions concerning RV Parks.
D. Resolution to increase the bid limit to $25,000.
E. Motion to amend Private Act regarding County Attorney regarding residency requirements.
F. Motion to apply for a community development block grant.
G. Motion to authorize payment of Local Government Committee as a paid Standing Committee.
H. Budget Amendments.

11. Old Business
12. Call of the Districts
13. Mayor’s Comments
14. Adjournment