The Haywood County Commission meets Monday, March 20, at 6pm at the Justice Complex.


1. Call to Order

2. Calling of the Roll

3. Prayer: Commissioner Leonard Jones, Jr.

4. Pledge of Allegiance: Commissioner

5. Recognition of Visitors and Guests

6. Certificate of Appreciation

7. Approval of Minutes

8. Reports of Officials

A. County Mayer
B. County Trustee
C. Board of Education
D. Highway Department

9. Report of Standing Committees

A. Education: Commissioner Eubanks
B. Solid Waste: Commissioner Stanley
C. Public Safety: Commissioner O’Quinn
D. Budget: Commissioner Richmond
E. Local Government: Commissioner Hayes

10. New Business (Consider passage of the following)

A. Motion to close Agenda
B. Resolution to approved Opioid Settlement and Agreement
C. Approve Contract with Mega Site Authority continent upon written agreement with IDB concerning adoption of Project Committee and Security Agreement.
D. Resolution to approve Community Development Grant
E. Motion to authorize purchase of House trailer to temporary house Ambulance Authority.
F. Motion to Renew AirMed Care Agreement
G. Motion to approve Sheriff Dept. (Chief Terry Smith) to trade vehicle for newer vehicle at Express Chevrolet
H. Motion to approve conversion of green Boxes to Community Centers
I. Motion to approval settlement of landfill truck and equipment.
J. Motion to approve Apple Financial Services Lease Purchase Agreement
K. Motion to approval of bids regarding repair of Ambulance Authority roof.
L. Motion to acceptance of bids to rent landfill crop land and rental of work house crop rental
M. Budget Amendments

11. Old Business

12. Call of the Districts

13. Mayor’s Comments

14. Adjournment