Regular Meeting – Haywood County Commission

April 15, 2024 @ 6:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Prayer: Commissioner Stanley

4. Pledge of Allegiance: Commissioner Sharpe

5. Recognition of Visitors

6. Mayor’s Certificate of Appreciation: Bishop Will Fred Boyd,

7. Public Comments (2 minutes per speaker on Subject matter in New Business)

8. Approval of Minutes

9. Reports of Officials

A. County Mayor (denoted as A-1)
B. County Trustee (denoted as B-1)
C. Board of Education (denoted as C-1)
D. Highway Department (denoted as D-1)

10.Report of Standing Committees

A. Education: Commissioner Eubanks
B. Solid Waste: Commissioner Jones
C. Public Safety: Commissioner O’Quin
D. Budget: Commissioner Richmond
E. Local Government: Commissioner Hayes

11.Report of Other Committees or Boards

A. Industrial Development Board: Commissioner Prince
B. Joint Economic and Community Development
C. Southwest Human Resource—-Fitzgerald Mann

12.New Business: (Consider Passage of the following):

A. Motion to close Agenda
B. Resolution directing Courthouse Personnel to park off Court square El
C. Resolution requiring each and every Pilot (Payment in Lieu of Taxes)granted by the Industrial Development Board to be approved by the Haywood County Commission that the Pilot agreement is in the best interest of Haywood County.
D. Resolution mandating operations of the Industrial Development Board.
E. Motion to Appoint J. P. Hathcock to the Conservation Board.
F. Motion to Appoint Board of Equalization: Jody Lea, Tara Joyner, Johnnie Boyd, Lee Berry, and Tim Stokely. Alternate: Dare T. Simpson
G. Approval of Bench at County Farm Cemetery in honor of Roert T. Green
H. Approval of 1 year Contract on County Farm with Grant Porch
|. Budget Amendments:

13.0ld Business:

14.Mayor’s Comments

15. Call of the Districts

16. Adjournment